Originals - The Spring Craft Sale


Originals  – The Spring Craft Sale starts with a Girls’ Night Out with Sandra on opening night. If you get on the guestlist, you’ll be treated to free admission, music, prizes, cocktails, ap opportunity to win Rihanna tickets (100-level tickets) and an amazingly fun Girls’ Night Out.

Wait… a fun night for the girls at a CRAFT SALE?

Yes. At a craft sale. Whatever you’re thinking about the term ‘craft’ – it’s a myth when it comes to Originals – the Spring Craft Sale.


MYTH 1 – Boooring!

Is shopping boring, smart-alec? Is Rihanna boring? Is shopping with wine-in-hand boring? No – this is not a boring event. It is one of the premier shopping experiences in Ottawa. You’ll find the same type of goods you’d find at a traditional shopping mall here, but it’s all unique, artisan pieces. This is not your grandmother’s craft fair.

Wine in hand

Yes – shop wine-in-hand!
Photo: Thinkstock

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