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No Repeat Workday

Now more than ever, 1053 KiSS FM is your at work radio station! Every weekday, it’s the NO REPEAT WORKDAY with NO REPEATS. That means Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm, you’ll hear all the hottest hits with absolutely no annoying repeats!


Fun, bright, upbeat, energetic and songs that our listeners love– perfect for at work tuning! No offensive lyrics or loud raunchy songs to make you turn off the radio, nor will you hear old, boring sleepy songs that don’t keep you going at work.


Never the same song over and over and over again!


We’ll be kicking off the Hit Music Workday with The KISS TOP 5 with Carter & Sandra at 8:30 am.

Track listing:


The Biggest Songs on the planet by the hottest artists counted down, then right after the #1 song is revealed, the NO REPEAT WORKDAY begins!


To wrap the Hit Music Workday up we have The KiSS 5 @ 5. The Top songs of the day are counted down with Anthony DeRossi. The NO REPEAT WORKDAY wraps up at 5, then Anthony DeRossi plays back the biggest songs of the day!