Justin Bieber got caught in the middle of a shoving match between his bodyguards and the paparazzi while spending his Fourth of July holiday in Miami.

According to video footage via TMZ, the Beeb arrived at a local port and asked that the paparazzi to stay several feet away from his vehicle as he exited his SUV. One rebellious paparazzi dared to disobey Justin Bieber’s wishes so a member of Bieber’s security roughed him up a bit.

Bieber then tried to calm the situation by calling one of the photographers at the scene to his car and explained that stuff like this happens to him every day, “This is so ridiculous. I just wanna tell all those people out there – look what happens, look what happens in my life. All I asked was at least for them to move over 10 feet so I could walk onto the boat.”

It’s a hard knock life for Justin.