Originals - The Spring Craft Sale


A sure sign of spring is the arrival of ORIGINALS – THE SPRING CRAFT SALE. It’s the place to find unique Canadian hand crafted quality jewellery, fashions & accessories, home & garden décor, natural bodycare lines and lots of yummy gourmet treats. Shop for Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, weddings and birthdays or treat yourself to something new. 180 artisans from across the country will create a mall of specialty boutiques for 4 days only. Mark your calendars and make it a date with family and friends.


The 28th ORIGINALS – THE SPRING CRAFT SALE, April 3- 6 at our new location, EY Centre, 4899 Uplands Drive, next to the airport.


Here are 10 good reasons to make a visit to ORIGINALS – The Spring Craft Sale this year:

1. You want local? You got local! The theme of the show is “Canadian handmade” … no mass produced knock offs at this show, only aisles and aisles of quality handmade Canadian artisan creations.

If this was a real stamp, it'd be ALL OVER ORIGINALS.

If this was a real stamp, it’d be ALL OVER ORIGINALS.


2. You can actually MEET the people who made your stuff! That’s right, talk to the amazing folks that have created these wonderful and amazing items. Ask them questions…what inspired them? How did they do that? A rare experience indeed to be able to talk to the person who actually created the item you are about to purchase – how refreshing!

They might even want to hug you for supporting local artisans. Don't panic.

They might even want to hug you for supporting local artisans. Don’t panic.



3. It’s all unique. There is really no other way to say it. Everywhere you look you will see items that will astonish, amaze and make you say – ooooh – I want that!;  all lovingly created by some of Canada’s most talented artisans. If you want something that nobody else has, this is the shopping experience for you.




4. Two shows in one. Two shows in one.  The Wedding Show is happening this same weekend at the same location, so do we have a deal for you… a special dual show pass. Go to both shows for $14!

Originals – The Spring Craft Sale and The Ottawa Wedding Show have joined forces to give you one spectacular weekend of shopping! Check out The Wedding Show and then drop by ORIGINALS for all your wedding gifts, favors, jewellery and fashions. (Tip: avoid lineups with advance ticket purchase at www.ottawaweddingshow.com)




5. Find MEANINGFUL gifts. Weddings, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries…if it’s a special day it deserves a special gift. ORIGINALS – The Spring Craft Sale makes FINDING that special gift a breeze because EVERYTHING you’ll see is handmade and truly unique!

Yeah - that's right guys.

Yeah – that’s right guys.



6. Funky fashion Whether it’s clothes or accessories you WILL find styles that are only available @Originals. This year’s show will be packed full of amazing Canadian fashion designers. Your friends will be giving you the ultimate compliment to your fashion sense – asking you: Where did you get that?




7. Exquisite one of a kind jewellery

Unique and handmade is the running theme at ORIGINALS and nowhere is that more evident than with the amazing selection of artisan created jewellery pieces you’ll find at The Spring Craft Sale. If you buy one, it’s YOURS!

You'll be THIS excited.

You’ll be THIS excited.



8. All natural and organic skin care products. Products you just won’t find at regular retail stores. Skin care products that actually CARE about your skin!

This is probably how they make it.

This is probably how they make it.



9. The food. Scrumptious treats, homemade goodies, jams, preserves, and general yumminess…guaranteed to satisfy your inner foodie.




10. You +1 can get into opening night for FREE (if you’re a Friends With Benefits member!). Put your name on the guestlist and you +1 will get into ORIGINALS – The Spring Craft Sale on opening night (Thursday, April 3 from 5-8) for FREE. Plus, you’ll be entered to win a pair of tickets to see Michael Bublé (Canadian Tire Centre, July 2). Get there early and receive a special Girls’ Night Out gift bag (while supplies last)

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