The rest of the story, below..Simon Cowell says his baby and Kelly Clarkson’s will ‘compete’ in the future.
The X Factor mogul is expecting his first child with partner Lauren Silverman, while Kelly just announced her own pregnancy.
According to Simon, their children going up against each other one day is inevitable.
‘[They''ll be] competing against each other in a competition. I can see it now. I’m thinking 15 years ahead,’ Simon joked to “People” magazine.
Simon helped make Kelly famous when she won the first season of American Idol U.S. in 2002.
The media mogul is thrilled Kelly is having a baby of her own, and says she deserves to be happy. According to Simon, Kelly is one of the few American Idol alumni who have stayed down to earth over the years. And he notes the children will only be separated by a few months.
‘I’m slightly ahead of her, yes,’ Simon said. ‘I’m happy for her because she’s a great girl. Some of these contestants on [American Idol] can change a bit over the years, [but] she’s a really nice person and she remembers how the show gave her a break.’