This weekend, Bieber and boxing champ Floyd Mayweather visited a Houston strip club called VLive where they were treated to a private show by a dancer named Diamond.

Around 7:45 a.m., Diamond posted a tweet that lit up Twitter like a Christmas Tree: “@justinbieber Went … In Tonight !!”.

The tweet re-tweeted more than 4,200 times and garnered nearly 1,100 “favorites.”

“He Touched My A** I Almost Fainted,” Diamond tweeted “He Was Like Its Real !!”

“I’ve Danced For A lot Of Celebrities And They Normally Don’t Phase Me But Justin just Had Me In Shock !” she said.

She called herself  “a @justinbieber Fan !” before posting a picture of a pile of cash Justin Bieber allegedly left for her.

That’s a lot of 1$!