Soldier Jo Wehr, even uses the tools of P!nk’s trade to make the proposal – a guitar and P!nk’s song “Perfect,”

We know that P!nk is a happily married lady, but who could refuse an invite like Jo’s? Check out Jo’s letter to P!nk:

Dear Alecia, I think you’re great, in every way. I’m returnin’ from overseas, and I’m humbly requesting. I know you’re busy, taking care of your family, bringin’ songs to the country- it never seems to slow you down. I know there’s many who would die for the opportunity, but just maybe I’ll get lucky and I’m hopin’ that you’re down. So.. Pretty, pretty please would you consider joining me to my formal for the Army. Pretty, pretty please it’d be so amazing to take a fellow girl from Pennsylvania with me.

A friend asked me who I was taking to the ball and I said, “Pink” without hesitation. We laughed about it and then the idea to make this request/video was born. I guess we’ll see what happens! But nevertheless, you’re freakin phenomenal and I’m a better person for having listened to your music. Thank you for that.

I hope it works out!