Originals - The Spring Craft Sale


Originals  – The Spring Craft Sale starts with a Girls’ Night Out with Sandra on opening night. If you get on the guestlist, you’ll be treated to free admission, music, prizes, cocktails, ap opportunity to win Rihanna tickets (100-level tickets) and an amazingly fun Girls’ Night Out.

Wait… a fun night for the girls at a CRAFT SALE?

Yes. At a craft sale. Whatever you’re thinking about the term ‘craft’ – it’s a myth when it comes to Originals – the Spring Craft Sale.


MYTH 1 – Boooring!

Is shopping boring, smart-alec? Is Rihanna boring? Is shopping with wine-in-hand boring? No – this is not a boring event. It is one of the premier shopping experiences in Ottawa. You’ll find the same type of goods you’d find at a traditional shopping mall here, but it’s all unique, artisan pieces. This is not your grandmother’s craft fair.

Wine in hand

Yes – shop wine-in-hand!
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MYTH 2 – Crafts look like this

Craft Sale Art

What is that – beans?!
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This is called a ‘Craft Sale’ because all of the things you can buy were made by genuine local craftsmen and craftswomen. Most of the items you’ll find at Originals Craft Sale are useful, functional items made by the finest experts in the region. Want proof? Here’s some proof!


MYTH 3 – It’s a bunch of card tables in a room

This is a juried craft sale – which means that each and every vendor has to come up with an original design for their space. This means that you’ll be treated to hundreds and hundreds of unique, individual boutiques in one shopping space! Where else can you watch a fashion show, learn how to organize your closet, consult stylists from McCaffrey Haute couture, plan a wedding, learn the latest in culinary arts from local chefs and enjoy a cocktail while shopping?


Myth 4 – It’s all knick-knacks.

Most of the stuff you’re going to find at Originals Spring Craft Sale are functional items, like: one-of-a-kind clothing & accessories, artwork, lamps, fixtures, jewelery, ceramics, exquisite food creations, home accessories and so much more – all custom made.

Oh yeah – purses galore! This one is from Diagonal Leathers


MYTH 5 – Sounds expensive.

Sure – there’s some expensive stuff here – we’re talking about some of the best craftsmen and craftswomen in Canada here… But – there’s also tons and tons of unique gifts and stuff to shop for that are only a few dollars. Check out the artisan food boutiques!

Chocolate Apple

Yes – chocolate covered apples!