The “Harlem Shake” has been parodied by The Simpsons, last week was done on a plane, and now it’s costing jobs, for some miners…time to stop the “Shake”…please, let the answer be YES.  More below

An Australian mining services company has fired up to 15 workers who performed an underground version of the Harlem Shake and posted it online, in a second incident of the Internet dance craze sparking safety concerns.
The workers were part of an overnight crew working at the Agnew Mine in Western Australia owned by South African miner Gold Fields Ltd. The workers were employed by Barminco, an Australia-based underground services company.
The 30-second video posted on YouTube shows a group of miners, some wielding tools and shirtless, performing the Harlem Shake, which typically begins with a solo dancer who is quickly joined by others, often in costumes or with props.